Building Specs

Terminal Building

The terminal building is a Quonset hut metal building and consists of two main areas:

  • The office area- approximately 1,200 square feet. The office area consists of a large office area (which may be divided into two work areas); one small office adjacent to this large office area; and a large office area on the West side of the building. This area was previously used as a drivers’ area with lockers, work stations, refrigerator, table and built-in counters on two walls. The office area is heated with electric heat.
  • The dock area is approximately 5,000 square feet.
  • We have three restrooms throughout the terminal building:
    • One in the main office area with shelves for storage.
    • One off the drivers’ room. This room has storage, a shower and utility wash area.
    • One in the storage hallway leading to the dock area.

Dock Area

The dock area has 18 overhead working doors (all with load levelers), and 2 man doors. The rear man door leads to the dock and stairs to the back lot. The side man door is large enough to accommodate a skid of freight. The dock area has good electrical for tractors, etc. but is unheated.

Storage Areas

We have two storage areas throughout the dock area:

  • One upstairs with shelves. (At one time this was used as a dispatch office with windows on the dock.)
  • There is a second storage area under the above-mentioned storage area.

Tiles and Lighting

All office space floors are tiled with vinyl and there is ample lighting.

Recent Improvements

We have made the following improvements to our terminal building:

  • East and Rear Lots completely repaved, east 2005 and rear 2000.
  • Roof completely redone, 2003.
  • Load levelers for each door, 2006
  • Wiring update, 2001.
  • Heating update, 1987.
  • Plumbing update, 1996.
  • Concrete pads east side, 2005.

Dedicated to LTL Truck Terminals in North America