The truck terminal is located at 5535-5545 National Road in Valley Grove, WV with a mailing address of

RD 2 Box 165 A in Triadelphia, West Virginia. It is located at the corner of U.S. Route 40 and Dixon’s Run

Road. There is access to Interstate 70 (I-70) East and West. East Access is at Claysville, Pennsylvania.

West Access is at Elm Grove, West Virginia. The previous tenant had permission from West Virginia and

Pennsylvania to haul double longs from the closest exit.

Valley Grove is ten miles west of Claysville, PA on U.S. 40 and six miles east of Wheeling, WV on U.S. 40.

Below is a map of the property, showing the location of the truck terminal and the repair building.

Dedicated to LTL Truck Terminals in North America